Every hall is designed for special moments. We appreciate that you share your personal experiences with us, so we take great responsibility for your time spent in our restaurant. Whether you choose to have a birthday celebration, a noisy party, a fabulous wedding or a corporate event, we guarantee you will enjoy and cherish incredible memories for the rest of your life.
The total area of the place is 1,200 sq.m.: two floors, VIP-hall, karaoke room, outdoor terrace, separate smoking room, and dressing room.

1st Floor

The hall of the 1st floor accommodates up to 120 guests in a banquet setup and up to 250 guests in a buffet setup.The designer interior, high ceilings, panoramic windows, natural lighting, stationary stage, and five segmented led screens make the restaurant a great place for events of any scale.
  • Hall - 49.7 sq.m.
  • Room - 266 sq.m.
  • Stage - 26.8 sq.m.
  • Summer Terrace - 53 sq.m.

Summer Terrace

This is the most romantic place in the restaurant. Its area is 53 sq.m. It is a cozy nook full of fresh flowers with comfortable lounge furniture and small tables. It is a perfect place for business meetings or lunches with family and friends. Here you can escape from the summer heat and everyday life. In the evening, the place becomes especially romantic: dim lights on the lush trees along the terrace make the mood even more special.

2nd Floor

The 2nd floor can accommodate 60 guests. It is divided into two wings, and the balcony overlooks the stage and the main hall.


On the second floor, there is a room with a glass ceiling, which can be closed for up to 12 guests.The Art Nouveau style is elegantly embodied in light green shades. Comfortable armchairs and soft lighting make it an ideal place for informal negotiations.

Karaoke Room

The karaoke room is equipped with high-tech audio and video equipment, a screen of high resolution and 6 plasma TVs, allowing you to show a variety of video content for your celebrations.The room can accommodate up to 50 guests. This is a good choice for private presentations, birthdays, banquets, and parties of any setup.
  • Karaoke Room - 117.5 sq.m.
  • Stage - 6.3 sq.m.
We are always there to make your holiday special. Whether it’s your birthday, presentation, thematic banquet or party, choose a format, book a room and enjoy every minute in Alaska Karaoke.