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Signature Cuisine and Bar
About a restaurant

ALASKA is a place of power and light. Guests like our restaurant for informal atmosphere and authentic seafood kitchen and bar.

In ALASKA new alliances get created, fresh ideas get born and families get stronger. Yes, we can create a nice mood!


The royal crab

Royal crab is the flagship dish of our restaurant. We cook a crab according to the author's recipe, keeping all its juiciness.

Our royal crabs are always fresh, because we keep them in a special aquarium, which our guests are so fond of watching.

Salad with tender turkey

Salad with tender turkey, romaine lettuce, crispy cucumbers, pink tomatoes and tarragon sauce is layered.

The taste is tender and bright at the same time.


Tomato Fish Soup

It's a legend of the restaurant world!

Its composition is a real "dream team"! Soup's basis: chicken broth, whiskey sauce, Pillati sauce, wine, shallot, thyme, vegetable oil, butter, salt, sugar. Seafood and fish: salmon, dorado, Chilean seabass, shrimps.

The taste of this soup is truly rich. There are even rumors that his account in one of the oldest banks of Monaco impresses even the prepared people.

Soft-shelled crab

Soft-shelled crab is a crunchy but very juicy dish. It is fried in a deep-fried pie in a whiskey wasabi. Our soft-shelled crab comes from America. Therefore, its serving is accompanied by the classic of hot Latin-American fiesta – amigo of all gourmets, Chimichurri sauce.

The fiery passion of the meal is perfectly balanced by lime and sunflower microgreen.

Karabineros shrimps

For this dish huge Karabineros shrimps are cleaned and marinated in a sauce based on olive oil with parsley, garlic, salt and pepper.

We bake Karabineros with a "salamander" – an infrared grill, and this allows us to preserve the original taste of shrimps.

The dish is served with lemon, Maldon salt and a special Mexican expression of a face.

Vanilla Coala

Vanilla Coala has been repeatedly recognized as one of the most beautiful cocktails in Kyiv by city's various city guides. Perhaps, just for a tasting of this cocktail it is already worth to visit our restaurant.

This sparkling drink with notes of vanilla and celery is served on frozen white sea stones.

B-carrot Tini

B-carrot Tini dessert cocktail is solid, but not too sweet.

Its composition elegantly combines vanilla vodka with peach liquor, orange juice, carrot cordial, and all this is impressively underlined by the coriander bitter.

An important intriguing ingredient is a yolk.


In ALASKA it's good to spend time with a noisy company. We create all conditions for your dining to be filled with pleasant and memorable moments.

Personnel of ALASKA adores its job because its so easy to share nice emotions here! We thank your guests for how they make us happy each day!

We have a pure surrounding sound, rich lighting and colorful LED decorations. You will surely be satisfied with our technical level!

ALASKA is one of the most favorite places in Kiev for events. Here often there are celebrated birthdays, children's holidays, informal business meetings and much more.

Stage of ALASKA hosts such artists as Dan Balan, Quest Pistols Show, Griby, ONUKA, VIАGRА and many others.

Our team is very proud of how active visitors choose us to celebrate special events.

We regularly hold events which are special for the capital of Ukraine.

We often see your faces in our institution, so happy and carefree, and this, undoubtedly, is one of the main criteria which we evaluate our own work by.

In our karaoke you will get new unforgettable impressions, meet lots of interesting people and dive into the vibes of beauty and singing.
It is said that one who doesn't enjoy a song, can't enjoy life. Guests of Alaska restaurant take pleasure in both music and life.
Shakespeare said that music killed sadness. And we can add that sadness has nothing to do with you in Alaska especially if you join a delicious cocktail party.
By the way, singing is not only pastime but it is also beneficial for health. Study proves that singing improves blood circulation and strengthens internal muscles.
So come to us, invite your friends, sing, strengthen your health and just get a bang out of singing and great company